Monday, May 13, 2013

Game Preview: Arma 3 (Alpha)

Game Preview

Arma 3 (Alpha)



A Game much improved from its Predecessor.


Ok, so this game has been improves in so many ways already in alpha state, it is countless. The game is much more Streamlined controls wise compared the older game. While the core aspects that make a Arma game unique stand in arma 3. Also just a reminder, this is not a review so i will not be rating anything here. I will merely be talking about improves and/or reasons you should or should not buy this game.So i will now go into those reasons.

As it states above, the game is in alpha, and will not be released for quite some time, but with a pre-order you would get instant access to the alpha. The game in itself has made major strides towards being the game i dreamed of. The engine now has or supports Physics for vehicle and the like, it also has Ragdolls, oh boy, i remember the days in arma 2, and beyond, where i shoot a tankshell at a person, and the body looks stiff as a board, and looking like its laying on the ground, but as it looks like that its flying 50+ feet in the air. and hitting the ground with no "Umph". But that was alright in my books, because the game made up for it tenfold in other ways. But now in arma 3 there is so many awesome features, its flipping beautiful. 

My Verdict: A MUST get in the near future for those Military simulator loves!

Heres a few Screen Shots!

Also heres a link to their Media(Screen Shots)

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